Building in public Update #2 — Slow Hustle

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It really is incredible what you can achieve focused 60 minutes.

The second Slow Session was held this week and helped me accomplish some key steps towards making my first sale.

I entered the hour with the following intentions:

  1. Sign up for and create a new e-commerce site.

  2. Point my domain to the site

  3. Add the product images and the product

  4. Write this blog post.

I managed three out of four (this blog post was not written in the Slow Session hour).


6 pairs of glasses – $215 (included shipping)

Shopify signup – $29 per month


Website is set up and live.

Stock has been received.

Images are uploaded.

Product is live.

Next Steps

In next week’s Slow Session my goals are:

Select a payment platform for South Africa.

Implement the payment platform.

Test the checkout.

Set up Google ads and point people to the website.

That’s it for this update.

It really is incredible what you can do if you are prepared, focused and consistent.

If you want to join me and build your own side hustle, sign up for a Slow Session and let’s build near each other.

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