How To Make and Sell Etsy Printables

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Making and selling Etsy printables is a great way to side hustle and earn extra income.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can design printables and sell them online to make money on the side.

First, make you grab this free guide that shares tons of different Etsy printable ideas.

One of my favorite things to do is use printables in my personal and work life. Whether I’m printing out budget sheets and coloring pages or reading a guide and meal plan calendars, printables are a part of my lifestyle.

I like this side hustle idea because printables are becoming increasingly popular.

Plus, creating digital downloads is something that you only have to do once. It’s great for creating a semi-passive stream of income.

With a digital Etsy printables shop. you don’t have to pay for shipping as everything is online. This means you can sell your products multiple times with very little costs on your end.

What I really like is you don’t have to be an expert at making printables either. This is a skill you can easily learn and monetize for extra cash.

Here are a few examples of printables that I have made:

How to Make Money with Mystery Shopping

Coloring Sheet: Pay Off Credit Card Debt Tracker

How to Make Money with Medical Studies

How Julie and Cody Launched Successful Etsy Printable Shops

Julie is a new mom and super busy as she works full-time for a tech company during the day and also runs her printables shop, a blog, and a popular podcast on the side.

She started her Etsy shop in 2017 by selling temporary tattoos for bachelorette parties.

Once she had a guest on her podcast who shared how she was earning 6 figures selling printables on Etsy, she knew she had to explore the option of selling bachelorette party printables instead of shipping out items.

It worked! Julie’s shop is called The Swag Elephant and she’s made over 1,000 sales.

Cody is an entrepreneur who left his corporate banking job last year when his side hustle started picking up more revenue.

In the beginning, he didn’t think he’d make much from selling printables when he first got the idea.

To his surprise, he made $800 in one week from a Valentine’s Day printable – with zero graphic design skills. He was on vacation when he made his very first sale!

Together, Julie and Cody created the E-Printables Side Hustle course to help teach people how to create and sell their own printables online via Etsy.

Who Can Create Their Own Online Etsy Printables Shop?

By now you’re probably wondering if creating an Etsy printables shop would be right for you.

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When considering any side hustle, I always recommend that you consider how much time you have along with your level of interest in the idea.

I’ll cover the potential profit in just a bit, but it’s important to get a realistic understanding of what you can expect if you start a side hustle like this.

An Etsy printables shop would be a great income idea for anyone who wants to create a product but doesn’t really know where to start.

Printables are easy to make and there are so many different niches you can consider so you have plenty of options.

This would also be a great side hustle for someone with limited free time. Additionally, it’s perfect for those who also don’t want to invest a lot of money in a side business.

As you can see, Julie has her hands full but she still manages to earn extra money passively with her Etsy shop.

Once you create your printables and learn how to market them, most of the “heavy” work is done. You don’t even have to worry about shipping out items and keeping up with inventory which should be a huge relief.

Selling printables on Etsy is relatively cheap. You don’t have to pay for a ton of materials or even have a website.

Etsy does charge a small fee for sales but that’s only when you sell an item so it comes from your profit (not an upfront investment).

What You Need to Get Started

I know there are a lot of online courses out there – some helpful and others not so much.

Both Julie and Cody have really put together an awesome resource to help people start a profitable side hustle. They also have the results to back it up which is very important.

To get started, you just need an idea of what type of printables you’d like to make and a program to design them in.

While you can choose from paid design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and PicMonkey, I recommend using Canva as it’s easy to use and free, and it’s also recommended inside the program.

How Much Can You Make With Etsy Printables?

So how much can you make selling printables online?

Once Julie made over $5,000 in sales and passive income, she knew she was on to something with this side hustle.

The sky is truly the limit which is why I absolutely love this flexible side hustle. I’ve seen people make anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars selling their printable creations.

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Either way, it can be a profitable stream of income for you.

Here are a few great reason to starta an Etsy printables shop:

  • Earn extra money to travel
  • Pay off debt
  • Save for retirement
  • Fun money

What’s in the Etsy Printables Course?

Selling printables online is not as easy as creating a graphic and slapping it on on Etsy. You need a strategy for listing your printables, marketing them, and reviewing Etsy stats to tweak and optimize your design.

The E-Printables Side Hustle course (formally called the Etsy Printables course) teaches you everything you need to know about making money from home. It’s a flexible side hustle even if you don’t have design experience.

Julie and Cody teach the material via video lessons. There’s also a written summary underneath each video just in case you want to review or read through the lesson takeaways instead.

The videos are very helpful! They show you how to use certain graphic design tools so you can follow along easily.

Student Success On Etsy

The proof is in the success stories from students who have taken the E-Printables course.

Here are just a few testimonials from past students who have found success creating their own Etsy printables shop on Etsy.

Sasha is an accounting professional by day. She started selling budgeting tools and printable trackers in her Etsy store to make extra cash.

Jen started creating printables in the wedding niche and her Etsy shop has now brought in over 1,400 sales in her shop called Edenwood Paperie.

Jennifer makes super fun icebreaker games to sell in her Etsy shop including journals and calendars. She’s made over 300 sales so far.

Signing Up and Additional Questions

If you think creating your own Etsy shop to sell printables would be a great side hustle to try, you can learn more about the EPrintables course here.

This course only opens for enrollment at select times during the year. You’ll want to jump on the opportunity when it does open up! Make sure you join the waiting list to be notified of upcoming enrollment days.

What Kind of Printables Would You Create?

Learn how to create and sell Etsy printables with digital printables. #sidehustle #etsy

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