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How to Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business 

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Starting a garbage bin and dumpster cleaning side business is an excellent way to have a consistent stream of revenue for your personal income. One thing all households have in common is that the occupants create some form of trash or waste. Whether these households own garbage cans or dumpsters, ...

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Writing Fantasy Books with Author Angela J. Ford

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My friend Angela has been writing fantasy books for several years, and I’m so excited to interview her today. If you have thought about writing a book, you will love learning about Angela’s business. Angela has been writing fantasy books since I met her several years ago and her journey ...

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Who wants to get paid £5,000 to eat just dog food for 5 days?

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Not the offer you hear every day BUT plant-based dog food company, Omni, is offering to pay someone £5,000 to eat their dog food for five days. The aim is to prove that their dog food tastes great and that the ingredients are so high quality that they’re fit for ...

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